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About Adrienne &

Tawny Owl Studio

The Why:

It's been a tough few years for all of us. It's good for our collective soul to find reasons to celebrate, and to understand the joy we can bring to others with even the smallest gesture. This is where my heart is: helping people find and bring joy through celebrations, both big and small. I believe the extra effort we put into our interactions speaks volumes about how much we care. And I don't mean grand gestures that cost big money. I believe the little things - especially the little things - tell people that you care about them. Your people know they are important to you when you attend to the details.  

I have always been a creative person. I enjoy being a maker and designer, learning new skills, and finding new ways to bring ideas to fruition. I have learned that I get even greater joy turning my creativity toward helping other people celebrate. It's like a triple whammy. I help you bring your ideas to life, and we are both happy. Then your friends/family/guests marvel over your thoughtfulness and creativity and EVERYONE is thrilled. It's like a little love train, and I'm here for it. 

What I do:

I'm an event stylist and graphic designer. I use primarily Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Cricut and several production partners to tailor an event's design seamlessly across many different elements - like signs, menus, table decor, gifts and more - creating a cohesive suite.  Yes, the internet is an endless source of event decor and custom gift vendors. Yes, it is an option to buy bits and pieces from different online shops, then hope and pray they all work together and live up to your vision. I strive to offer you a better solution by listening, proving I understand your vision, and developing everything you need for your event. I help you minimize the guesswork, surprises and juggling that comes from working with many different vendors. 

A little background:

I'm a self-taught artist who isn't complete if I'm not being creative, making things with my hands and designing things on the computer. I live in Richmond, VA with my husband, Troy, and my trusty rescue dog, Cali. My sons are almost grown and flown: Chase is in college studying data analytics, and Spencer is in the Navy studying nuclear propulsion. 

I was born and raised near the Jersey shore. I studied corporate communications at Syracuse University, where I met the ladies who remain my best friends in the whole world.  My early career was in software project management. Then I moved to small business operations and education administration. The through line of my career leading up to my design work was making things become the best they can be. I took plans and ideas and made them a reality. Not much different than what I'm doing now!

We raised our kids in Northern VA, and when my husband got a job with Honeywell, we settled in a western suburb of Richmond. Troy sells Building Automation Systems - big words that mean the stuff that manages the energy and resources buildings use. He helps save the planet from climate change. Troy is from Southern California - near Newport Beach - and he is powered by sunshine. He’s a limitless source of childlike wonder, joy and energy. Truth be told, I probably wouldn’t be out on this design limb without his encouragement.  


I'm so grateful for the support my people gave me when I transitioned from the logistics of project management to the creativity of event design. I’ve always been creative, but not until my kids flew the nest was I able to really dive in and develop my artistic and design skills. I absolutely love where I am now. Designing for events, weddings, reunions, parties...any way people choose to celebrate. 


I honestly believe life is too short to not consider every day, every moment, every event as a chance to make people happy. 

Let's go make people happy. Shall we? 

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Photo credit: MileStone Photography

"Let's go make people happy." 

Tawny Owl watercolor logo.png
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